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Carson City Landfill                                                                                           Landfill Hours:
3600 Flint Drive                                                                                           Monday thru Saturday
Carson City, Nevada                                                                                    7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

(775) 882-6066                                                                                                   Closed Sundays

Landfill Loads


 Landfill Rates (pdf) / Landfill Limits / Recycling Guide

Household Hazardous Waste Programs

Carson City has one landfill site, located off of Highway 50 at the east edge of Carson City.  The landfill is closed on New Year's Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. 

Fees are charged based on quantities (by weight/tonage) and types of waste materials, and you may pay by cash, debit or credit card, or upon receipt of a credit application, on account with the City.  To receive Carson City residential rates, the landfill customer must show proof of residency.


Recycling drop-offs at the landfill are free for aluminum cans, tin cans, newspaper, plastic and glass bottles and cardboard.  Also accepted at no charge are motor oil, antifreeze, and automobile batteries. Costs for recycling other materials (i.e, scrap metal and clean wood waste) are minimal.

Carson City residents can have their recyclable items picked up every two weeks outside their homes. The cost is approximately $1.25 each month, and reusable crates are provided by Waste Management, Inc., for aluminum cans, tin cans, newspaper, plastic and glass bottles.  Pick-up is scheduled for the same day as the regular trash pickups.  Curbside recycling accepts aluminum cans, food cans, newspaper, magazines, catalogs, plastic and glass bottles. Paper bags can also be used to hold recyclable paper. To sign up for curbside recycling, contact Waste Management at 882-3380.  Residents may also drop off their recycling at Waste Management (5560 Sheep Drive).

Through the combined efforts of Carson City’s residents and local businesses, 22,432.00 tons of material were recycled, achieving a recycling rate for Carson City of 27.92% in 2013.  

Recycling Tips:

  • Never dump used motor oil down any type of drain or in the trash.  Used motor oil should be placed in a plastic container with a tight fitting lid, and not be mixed with any other substance, before taking it to the Carson City Landfill or another location that recycles used motor oil.
  • Do not throw used antifreeze in the trash and do not leave it in an open container.  Do not pour down any drains.  Remember, antifreeze has a sweet taste that appeals to pets and small children and can be extremely dangerous if consumed.  Antifreeze can be recycled at the landfill.
  • Automotive batteries contain sulferic acid and heavy metals and should never be placed in the trash.  Automotive batteries can be recycled at the landfill.
  • If your old furniture still has some useful life, old appliances are still in working condition or you have other reusable items, please consider donating them to a local charity or thrift shop, where they can be used by those in need rather than filling up your landfill.

Landfill Disposal Limits

The following constituents shall not be disposed at the Carson City Sanitary Landfill when concentrations are equal to or greater than those defined by the toxicity characteristic leaching procedure (TCLP) test:   Landfill Disposal Limits

Household Hazardous Waste Program


The Carson City Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility provides Carson City residents with free hazardous waste disposal services every Thursday afternoons between 1:30 and 4:00 p.m. by appointment only for materials such as oil-based paint, varnish, stain, gasoline, pesticides and herbicides.  For more information or to make an appointment, please call the Environmental Control Authority at 887-2355.

Items that are not accepted by the Household Hazardous Waste Program include:

  • Water based latex paints (mix old paint with cat litter and let dry out - paint can then be disposed of in trash with the lids left off)
  • Biohazard or radioactive wastes
  • Propane cylinders of any kind

If you observe a release of hazardous materials, please call 911 immediately and stay away from the material.  Only trained personnel should handle hazardous materials.

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