2016 Charter Review

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What is a City Charter?  

A city charter acts as a constitution for a city.  The charter can only be amended or repealed by the Nevada Legislature.  Click here to view the Carson City Charter.

When was the City Charter adopted?

The City's current Charter dates from 1969.  There have been numerous amendments over the years.

What is the purpose of the Charter Review Committee?

The governing ordinance requires that proposed amendments to the Charter be heard and debated by the Committee, who then advises the Board of Supervisors with regard to recommendations of the Committee that concern necessary amendments to the Charter.  

If the Board elects to submit the Committee's recommended amendments to the Legislature, the Committee assists the Board in the preparation of the amendments for presentation to the Legislature on behalf of the City. 

[Effective January 1, 2014] If the Board elects not to submit the Committee's recommended amendments to the Legislature, the Committee may vote to authorize a member of the Committee to seek sponsorship of a legislative measure by a member of the Senate or Assembly delegation representing the residents of Carson City.

What issues will the Charter Review Committee Examine?

The Committee is seeking public input for possible amendments to the Carson City Charter. 

How can the general public participate?

In addition to submitting suggestions, all meetings are open to the public.  Public comment begins and ends each meeting as well as accompanies each agenda item.

Click here for more information regarding the Charter Review Committee (membership, agendas, minutes, etc.)