• Snow on the Capitol Building

  • Pink Sunrise

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  • Proud to be Snow Covered

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Shade Tree Council Goals

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Goals for 2009/2010

1. Increase public education and awareness of tree related issues 
    A. Educate the public on proper pruning techniques. 
    B. Develop a “topping” prevention program. 
    C. Educate the public on proper tree species selection 
        1) Distribute the City’s “Recommended Tree” list. 
        2) Work with Greenhouse Garden Center 
        3) Utilize Shade Tree Council & City’s website.

2. Investigate developing a Shade Tree Council website 
    A. Consider hiring a web designer. 
    B. Involve the City’s IT Department. 
    C. Link to City’s website.

3. Explore Funding Opportunities to promote tree planting. 
    A Consider fundraising opportunities. 
    B. Consider developing corporate sponsorships. 
    C. Investigate grant opportunities including the Nevada Tree Council and the Audubon Society.

4. Improve Communications with the Board of Supervisors and other advisory committees. 
    A. Give an annual report to the Board of Supervisors 
    B. Consider outreach opportunities with other advisory committees.

5. Develop a Landmark Tree Recognition Program and include public involvement

6. Pursue enforcement of arborists certification

7. Create a Master Plan (Tree Map) and self-guided pamphlet of the Mills Park Arboretum and include on the website.