• Epic Rides 2016

    Competitors Taking a Break

  • Wild Horse Visiting East Silver Saddle Ranch

    Credit: Mary Doyal

  • Springtime

    Credit: Dale A.

  • Kings Canyon Waterfall

  • Mountain Bike Carson

    Credit: Steve Ferguson

  • Carson City JAC

    Jump Around Carson

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Assessor's OfficeAssessor(775) 887-2130
Adams, KimberlyChief Deputy AssessorAssessor(775) 283-7037
Dawley, DaveAssessorAssessor(775) 283-7039
Gillott, DeniseChief AppraiserAssessor(775) 283-7044
Machado, CaronPersonal Property AppraiserAssessor(775) 283-7054
Massow, DonProperty Appraiser Assessor(775) 283-7051
Price, RhondaOffice SpecialistAssessor(775) 283-7471
Saposnek, Jeremy Property AppraiserAssessor(775) 283-7038
Shannon, KenGIS Analyst Assessor(775) 283-7404