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Voters with Disabilities


Please note, disabled voters will be given priority in voting at the polls or at the office of the Carson City Clerk, if requested. Staff will take them to the front of the line to be processed at the sign-in table.



If you Cannot Sign Your Name on Your Voter Registration Application:  If you cannot sign your name because of a physical disability, you may: 
(1) use a signature stamp that meets the standards of the Office of Disability Services, per NRS 426.257; or
(2) register in-person at the Election Department; or
(3) if you cannot appear in-person at the Elections Department, the Election Department will send a Deputy to you.



Polling Places: Voters with disabilities are accommodated inside of polling places on election day and during early voting.  All polling places are accessible to voters with disabilities.

Inside Polling Places:  If you are a voter with disabilities, you may request to have priority in voting.  Election officials will take you to the front of the line for processing at the check-in table.  You may then have first preference in voting on the priority voting machine designated for voters with disabilities.

Signing the Roster:  If you cannot sign your name in the precinct register because of a physical disability, you may still vote.  Election officials will identify you by asking you questions about personal data from your voter registration records.

Inside the Voting Machine Booth:  You have several options for casting your ballot inside the voting machine booth:

VOTERS WITH VISION IMPAIRMENTS:  Accommodations are designed to meet the varying types and degrees of assistance you may need:

  • A large magnifying sheet is available inside each voting booth to aid in reading the ballot.
  • Audio voting is available at all early voting sites and all election day polling places to permit voting in complete privacy without assistance from another person.
  • Another individual may assist you in casting your ballot, as long as you and your assistant meet the requirements described below:

ASSISTANCE BY ANOTHER PERSON: NRS 293.296 allows another person to assist you in voting inside the booth as long as you sign a written statement, under penalty of perjury, that you require assistance in casting your vote because you:

  • Have a physical disability and/or
  • Have an inability to read or write English
    However, you may NOT be assisted by:
  • Your employer or employer's agent or
  • An officer or agent of your labor organization

WHEELCHAIR VOTERS: The height of the voting machine's booth is adjustable for wheelchairs, enabling voting without assistance in complete privacy with physical ease.

ABSENT BALLOTS: Reasonable accommodations are made for the use of absent ballots by voter with disabilities and elderly voters.

IF YOU CANNOT SIGN YOUR NAME:  If you cannot sign your name because of physical disability, you may still vote by mail as long as you meet the applicable conditions of NRS 293.3165.  You must submit a written statement to the Elections Department, on an annual basis containing:

  • A statement from a physician licensed in Nevada certifying that you are unable to mark or sign a ballot, or use a voting device without assistance because of a physical disability; and
  • The name, address and signature of the person who will assist you in marking or signing the absent ballot on your behalf.

The assisting person may, on your behalf, mark, and/or sign your absent ballot, but must specifically indicate next to your signature that he or she marked and/or signed the ballot on your behalf.

EMERGENCY VOTING:  You may apply for an emergency ballot beginning the sixth day before an election through 5:00 p.m. on election day if suddenly you are hospitalized, become seriously ill or are called away from home.  You must meet specific other requirements of NRS 293.316.


You may call the Election Department at 775-887-2087 for more information on accommodation of voters with disabilities and elderly voters.  You may also contact the Election Department by mail, County Clerk, Elections Division, 885 E. Musser Street, Suite 1025, Carson City, NV 89701 or email elections@ci.carson-city.nv.us

You can also view the Nevada Secretary of State's web site:
http://nvsos.gov for further information.