• It's the 58th annual National Public Works Week

    Carson City Public Works gathered together to witness the American flag being raised in front of the facility, in celebration of National Public Works Week.

Emergency Management Division

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The mission of the Emergency Management Division is to continuously prepare the employees and citizens of the Consolidated Municipality of Carson City in methods to reduce the impact of a major emergency or disaster through education and training.                                                                  


The Emergency Management Division continuously reviews and revises the Carson City Emergency plan and Hazardous Materials Response Plan in accordance with SARA Title III. We are the formal liaison between the State Division of Emergency Management and Carson City. This division coordinates training sessions and disaster exercises for the purpose of readiness for the activation of an emergency operations center. Emergency Management Division personnel apply and manage grants to fund haz-mat operations and disaster preparedness.

Carson City participates in the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Nevada Department of Emergency Management (DEM) Emergency Management Assistance program. Participation in this program provides for DEM to reimburse Carson City up to 50% of the salary and administrative costs of the department's emergency management coordinator and secretary positions. In addition to supporting the federal and state program guidelines, the emergency management coordinator works actively as a team member of the fire department in pursuing the overall organizational goals.

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