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Carson City Fuels Plan

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The Wildland Fuels Reduction Project was established in the summer of 2006 to assist homeowners within the wildland urban interface communities of Carson City to provide for defensible space on their property. Creating defensible space is a key element critical to reducing the threat and effects of a wildland fire. For more information click on this link click HERE.WUI MAp 2

Depending on your location you may qualify for a dumpster or trailer to haul away the dead vegetation. The link below allows you to search your address.
You must be located outside the GREEN line on the map.

 To verify please click HERE.

The Carson Range Multi-jurisdictional Comprehensive Fuels Reduction and Wildfire Prevention Strategy is complete and approved.  This strategy encompasses those portions of Washoe, Carson City, and Douglas counties in western Nevada along the Carson Front.  This strategy was directed to be developed by the White Pine County Conservation, Recreation and Development Act of 2006 (P.L. 109-432) which amended the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act of 1998.

This strategy represents culmination of many months and long hours of collaboration by 15 federal, state and local agencies in western Nevada, including the Nevada Fire Safe Council which represents the private land owners within the Carson Range.  This strategy will form the foundation of fuels treatments for all the agencies for the next 10 years, including projects proposed for funding under Round 8.