EMS Protocols

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Intent and Use of Protocols

These treatment protocols have been developed as a part of the medical control program for the
Carson City Fire Department.  These protocols are intended for all levels of pre-hospital care including Basic EMT, Intermediate EMT, and Advanced EMT (Paramedic). When using a specific protocol, the technician can perform only those procedures which are included by Nevada law in his/her scope of practice.In any such document, certain assumptions are made regarding the condition of the patient, expected responses to treatment, and the availability of resources.  Obviously, any such assumptions would not always be true. With this in mind, the medical responder must use these protocols as a guide. The care of patients with unusual findings or circumstances should be managed using the responder’s best judgment in consultation with base station medical control.

Carson City Fire Department 2012 Medical Field Operations Manual (1.47 MB)PDF document