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The Safety Corner

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Welcome to The Safety Corner, your starting place for finding handy information on fire safety practices and some tips you can follow if you find yourself in an emergency situation.   We recommend you print this page and its associated pages below and familiarize yourself with the procedures and information provided.  It helps to be never know when you'll need this!

Cooking Safety

Watch what you heat...prevent home fires!  Cooking is the leading cause of home fires. Never leave cooking unattended. If grease catches fire, carefully slide a lid over the pan to smother the flames and turn off the burner.

Fire Drills in the Home

People can survive even major fires in their homes if they get out quickly and stay out.  We recommend you add the following information to your home fire drill plans and practices.

Fire Extinguishers

When used properly, a portable fire extinguisher can save lives and property by putting out a small fire or controlling it until the fire department arrives. Portable extinguishers, are not designed to fight large or spreading fires.

Fire Safety Guide for Senior Citizens

This Fire Safety Guide for Seniors Citizens is aimed at educing the chance of fire or injury in your home.  Fires are one of the major "accidents" affecting our seniors. However, by taking a few precautions, you can reduce the possibility of fire in your home.  We encourage you to keep this information available for reference at all times.

Fire Safety Tips for Computers

Here are several tips to help prevent fires in or around your computer with the hope that they might prevent loss of life or property.

Home Fire Safety Checklist

Simple changes that could save your life!

Miscellaneous Fire Safety Tips

If you can't find it anywhere else, it's probably here!   These are other useful fire safety tips for you.  Please be safe!

More Fire Safety Pointers

And, in case you didn't spot these pointers anywhere else in our fire safety pages, here are more safety pointers.  The information contained on this page is not complete by any means.

Outdoor Activities

The coming of spring brings another season of outdoor activities. Are you prepared to survive another season of outdoor work and play? We are and are ready to give you some help in planning for a injury free time and reaping the benefits of all the outdoor pleasure that the Sierra Nevada basin is known for.

Seasonal Fire Safety Tips

Useful information from the National Fire Protection Association to help you be safe throughout the year.

Stop, Drop, and Roll

Hey kids, and adults too, if your clothes catch on fire immediately Stop where you are, Drop to the ground , place your hands over your face and Roll over and over to smother the flames that are on your clothes.

Typical Causes of Structure Fires

By way of keeping you informed, listed below are ten typical causes of structure fires.   Awareness is a key to prevention.  Consider these as you check your home or business.

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