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Juvenile Fire Setter Program


Service With Pride, Commitment, and Compassion

This program is designed to discover what motivates a child caught playing with matches/fire. The notion is that if we discover the motivation, the appropriate intervention can be planned and implemented. The intervention is usually parental conducted education or professional counseling. There are those times when both intervention means are used. We have had tremendous success with this program.

In the past, the fires attributed to juveniles were few and were taken in stride with no major problem. There has been however a noticeable increase in the frequency of juvenile related incidents. The need for a program to intervene in this fire setting behavior cycle became evident.

The Juvenile Fire Setter Program provides citizens of Carson City a program in which juveniles involved in fire setting are evaluated, educated, and redirected at no cost to the individual’s family. Also, this program provides the means to reduce the number of juvenile set fires and to refer chronic offenders to the appropriate psychological health care professionals for further care. The purpose of this program is to reduce the number of juvenile related fires by interrupting the fire setting behavior of identified juvenile fire setters.

For more information please call the Carson City Fire Department at 887-2210.