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Life Safety Fire Inspections


Service With Pride, Commitment, and Compassion

fireprev.jpgCarson City Fire Department operates a comprehensive fire inspection program. Our Fire Inspectors conduct these inspections, monitor structures for fire and life safety code violations, and issue citations when needed for such violations as unauthorized hazardous materials releases, parking in fire lanes and blocked exits in buildings.

Fire Inspector Duane Lemons inspects a building under renovation for fire safety standards. CCFD photo.Our Fire Inspectors are responsible for enforcing all Carson City fire and life safety codes through inspections of all commercial and multi-family dwellings in Carson City.  These inspections are conducted routinely by the Fire Department and cover the general business sector. Virtually all buildings that may have public allowed into them are inspected for fire safety on a periodic basis. The purpose is to identify hazardous situations, have them corrected, and teach the occupants how to avoid poor situations in the future. This same concept is applied to single-family residential property, if requested.

inspection2.jpgFirefighters also conduct building fire safety inspections. Here Firefighters Jim Quilici and Jay Euse check to functioning of a smoke detector in a local apartment complex. CCFD photo.Our Prevention Division, under the oversight of the Fire Marshal, reviews all fire protection and life safety system drawings and plans to ensure conformance with applicable Federal, state and local fire and life safety codes, standards and ordinances.


For more home fire safety information, check out:

Operation Life Safety  This site contains information for consumers and fire departments about residential fire sprinklers, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors hotel fire safety and home fire safety. Operation Life Safety (OLS) is a public interest group that was created in 1982 to promote fire-safe homes through built-in fire protection and fire-safe behavior. The U.S. has one of the worst records for residential fire deaths in the industrialized world. Our role is improve that dubious record.

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