Carson City Flood Watch Information

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To report any storm drain concerns call Carson City Public Works at (775) 887-2355. Carson City Public Works is actively working to clear drains, culverts, and mitigate flood prone areas. Below is the status map any localized updates will be shown below. Here is a PDF map showing the sandbag locations. To report flooding or safety concerns relating to Carson City Parks please call (775) 887-2262

 UPDATE 4/7/2018 10:30 a.m.

Most of the rain has moved out of our area, and the southern end of the forecast area is seeing the last of the heavy rain now. The US Water Master has cautioned Douglas County, both forks of the Carson River are a concern for minor to moderate flooding. Current CFS (cubic feet per second) is anticipated to double in the next 4 hours.

Carson City officials are monitoring the Carson River at Mexican Damn and Morgan Mill Park for minor to moderate flooding. Smaller creeks and streams to peak by early afternoon are expected.

The Carson River is flowing very high and fast. We caution residents and visitors to stay out of areas that are prone to flood and use caution along river and stream banks. Please keep pets on a leash if you are walking near the river.

Flood Watch Update 4/6/18 3:00 p.m.

Storm Observation/Prediction:
• Rainfall totals have exceeded earlier predictions, and the storm is going to become warmer and stronger.
• This is the first push of moderate rain through early this evening, it will lighten up this evening until approximately 2am, then the heavy rain will fall between 2am and 11am Saturday.
• The snowpack has melted considerably in the last 4 days, so streams and rivers are already running high and fast.
• There is a predicted cold front, with temperatures dropping drastically, which may result in heavy, wet, slushy snow at lower elevations. (6000 ft)
• Following the cold front there is predicted a strong burst of wind, between 60-70 mph, with sustained wind speeds above 30mph.
• Saturated ground and high winds increase the risk of downed trees, limbs and power lines.


Filling sandbags is normally a two person operation. Place the bottom of the empty bag on the ground. Be sure not to fill the bag completely, only fill it about halfway. When stacking the sandbags make the rows flat and ensure there are no gaps in the seams. Place the bags lengthwise and parallel to the direction of flow. Fill the low spots first before placing bags the full length of the area to be raised. For more Flood Watch updates visit

Storm Prediction:

• Periods of rain Friday morning through Saturday, with 9-15 hour period of heavy rains Friday night into Saturday morning.
• Strong west/southwest winds Saturday (sustained wind speeds in excess of 30 mph for 6 – 12 hours with stronger gusts).
• The West Fork of the Carson River is predicted to be 14.2 feet (minor to moderate flood stage).
• East Fork of the Carson River should be about 8 feet, predictions did not address flows specifically in Carson City, but the water will be flowing fast. 
• If you had issues in last storm (two weeks ago) or in November, expect to see more water in those places.
• Small streams will swell and have run-off issues.

What should you be doing? 
• Get and keep a disaster kit.
• Stay current on road conditions and potential closures. at
• Tie down any yard decorations that may blow away.
• Check on those that are homebound to see if they need assistance during the storm.


Stay away from moving water, especially near rivers, streams, and drainage systems.
Avoid wading in floodwater, which may be contaminated by oil, gasoline, or raw sewage.
Watch for dangerous debris (e.g., broken glass, metal fragments) that may be in floodwaters. Before walking through debris, use a stick to check for hidden dangers.
Underground or downed power lines may electrically charge the water.
Do not drive in areas where floodwater covers the road.
Stay away from downed power lines and report them to 911 or the power company’s emergency number.

To view the full status map please click HERE.