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  • Kings Canyon Waterfall

  • Supermoon

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Important Laws to Know



C.C.M.C. 8.20.040 - Parental, guardian responsibility

C.C.M.C. 8.20.030- Curfew hours 

C.C.M.C. 8.20.020- Use or possession of alcoholic beverage by minor. 

N.R.S. 62H - Juvenile Records

N.R.S. 62E.640- DUI

N.R.S. 62E.630 and N.R.S. 62E.620- Minor In Possession of Alcohol

N.R.S. 62E.620- Minor In Possession of Marijuana

In most jurisdictions it is not a crime to runaway from home. It is considered a “status offense”, which means it is against the law only when someone under 18 years old does it. Almost every state allows police or other law enforcement officers to take runaway youth into custody without a court order and without the youth’s permission.