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Lone Mountain Cemetery 

1044 Beverly Drive
Carson City, Nevada 89706
(775) 887-2111
Office Hours: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday through Friday
Gates are open from dawn to dusk seven days a week

For questions please call or email:


Lone Mountain Cemetery encompasses a forty-acre site and is operated through the
Carson City Parks and Recreation Department.

When Nevada was admitted into the Union in 1864, Carson City was an established, prosperous community.  Two early cemeteries dating from the late 1850s, the Pioneer and Wright cemeteries, were already in use at the time of Nevada statehood.  Many of the individuals interred in those early burial grounds were relocated to the site of Lone Mountain in the mid-1860's.  It was not until 1971 that seven separate cemeteries were incorporated into the present-day Lone Mountain Cemetery.

Lone Mountain Cemetery today encompasses sections for the Masons, Oddfellows, Catholics, two Babyland areas, Hebrew, Grand Army of the Republic, Veterans, and a city cemetery section which dates back to the territorial days. The forty-acre site contains memorials to Carson City pioneers of every denomination, ethnic background, and economic and social standing. Together they represent a unique cross-section of early-day Nevada.

Memorial Day Service

Cemetery / Genealogy Data Base
This data base includes the names of people interred at Lone Mountain Cemetery and Empire Cemetery from the 1850's thru the present.  The index includes the burial date, death date, and birth date (if available), and location of the burial site.  If you find a record with the burial date "01/01/1700" the burial date was unknown or incomplete.
This data base also includes birth and death records from 1857 thru 1957.

For more genealogy information, please go to the
Carson City Clerk Recorder's Genealogy Page

Lone Mountain Cemetery History

Lone Mountain Cemetery, Selected Historical Sites

The Rich, Poor, Famous, and Forgotten

In Memory of...

Symbolism of Carvings on Stones

Other Historic Cemeteries in Carson City

Our Civil War Veterans
(PowerPoint Presentation of all Civil War Veterans buried at Lone Mountain Cemetery)