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Inside the Foreman-Roberts House

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Foreman-Roberts House


Stairwell entry

Front Entry and Stairwell



Parlour view 1 Parlour view 2

   Parlor (facing southeast, showing organ)        Parlor (facing southwest, showing wood stove)


Dining Room view 1 Dining Room view 2

          Dining Room (facing southeast)               Dining Room (facing west, parlor seen though doorway)


Kitchen view 1 Kitchen view 2

Kitchen (wood burning cook stove)                    Sink and cabinets area, doorway leads to dining room

Kitchen view 3

Kitchen (facing southwest, showing ice box)



Stairwell-top landing

Upstairs stairwell landing, entrance to the east bedroom


East Bedroom view 1 East Bedroom view 2

                           East Bedroom (northwest view, showing stairwell landing)       East Bedroom (northeast view)

East Bedroom view 3

East Bedroom (southeast view)

Originally a four bedroom home, a partition once divided this room


West Bedroom view 1 West Bedroom view 2

                             West Bedroom (west view, window look out over balcony)    West Bedroom (southwest view)

West Bedroom view 3

West Bedroom ( southeast view, doorway leads to East Bedroom, 
Alcove is on the right through the doorway)



Alcove off the East Bedroom, directly across from the Stairwell Landing

This was originally a bathroom with period fixtures including a clawfoot bathtub. The window faces south and looks out over a small balcony. It is now used as a small office.


Historic Roberts House

Historic photo of the Foreman-Roberts House