Riverview Park

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600 Marsh Road

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Acres: 107.8 acres

Date Acquired: October 1978 

Location: 603 Marsh Road (main entrance at the Korean War Veterans Memorial Park)
Visitor Amenities:
- flush toilets
- barbeques
- uncovered picnic area.

Dogs:   Dogs are allowed off leash during all park hours but are not allowed in the wetland areas and must be under adequate control of their owners at all times.

 Riverview Park provides non-motorized multiple-use trails through a variety of habitats including upland sagebrush, wetlands, and the riparian corridor along the Carson River. The Riverview Park trail system serves as a hub for trails continuing to the north towards Empire Ranch Trail and to the south along the Mexican Ditch Trail. In addition to interpretive and trail signage near the entrance, mutt-mitt stations and trash cans are provided around Riverview Park.

More information

Riverview Park was dedicated to the city in 1978, following approval of the development proposal for the adjacent residential subdivision. 
Riverview Park was designed to protect the natural bird habitat and preserve the “natural landscaping and swamp lands.”

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Permitted throughout:



No ATVNo Dirt Bikes

No HuntingNo FirearmsNo CampingNo Campfire

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