Silver Saddle Ranch

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Natural Recreation Area

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Location:  2648 Carson River Road

Visitor Amenities

  • Trailhead parking,
  • One picnic area.
  • Two vault toilets.
  • Water available

There are several trails throughout the ranch including the Mexican Ditch Trail leading to the Mexican Dam and the Prison Hill Recreation Area

More information
The Ranch located in the southeastern part of Carson City off Carson River Road encompasses 702 acres that run along the east and west bank of the Carson River.

The Silver Saddle Ranch was acquired for its combination of recreation potential, unique natural resources and its strategic location as a natural bridge connecting the Pine Nut Mountains and the Prison Hill Recreation Area. The vegetation varies from cottonwood trees and willows along the riparian corridor to the irrigated pasture fields and sagebrush uplands.

Once proposed as a location for residential development, the ranch is considered a key piece of property by Carson City residents, and for recreational and educational opportunities whiles preserving part of the natural Carson River environment.  It is a great place to hike, birdwatch and soak op a rural experience that is fast disappearing in much of western Nevada.


 Silver Saddle Ranch - view 1 Silver Saddle Ranch - view 12

 Silver Saddle Ranch - view 3Silver Saddle Ranch - view 2

Silver Saddle Ranch - view 8 Silver Saddle Ranch - view 10




Motorized vehicle access is restricted to designated roads. 

HikingEquestriants_viewing1172Mountain Bike

No HuntingNo FirearmsNo CampingNo Campfire

"Escape from Prison Hill Trail Half-Marathon"

running event held each spring

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