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Adult Futsal League

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Registration is now open.  To register go to the Carson City Community Center Monday-Friday, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Please remember, this is a team based registration.

Adult Futsal:

$60 per player which includes a 16-game season.  Each player will be required to sign the Adult Code of Conduct and Waiver prior to playing.  Divisions for Adult Futsal are 6 vs.6, Men's, Masters and Women's.

Volunteer Opportunities?

Interested in becoming a vital part in your community? Help out by becoming a Volunteer today with Carson City Parks and Recreation. Be a part of our family and help out with our ever growing Youth and Sport activity needs!

Please call Scott Chapman at 775.283.7429 or email schapman@carson.org.  You may also contact Bianca or Deyanira at 775.283.7026.