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Jr. Ranger Program

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juniorrangerPark Rangers work to protect and preserve our natural resources through routine patrols and educational programs. Carson City Junior Rangers will have opportunities to explore our unique parks and open space areas while learning about nature!

The Junior Ranger program is free of cost and divided into two age groups: 5-9 years old and 10-13 years old. Every Junior Ranger will complete a Leave No Trace Hike and Wildlife Walk. Junior Rangers in the 10-13 years old program will attend two additional events—Nature Navigation and Environmental Career Day. At the first event, Junior Rangers will receive the booklet, “Junior Ranger Adventure Guide” and fill it out at each of the events. After it is completed, they will earn their Junior Ranger Badge! 

To get started, please register for the program online at
If all the spots are filled, please email Danielle at

 Leave No Trace Hike (Ages 5-13)
May 19, 2018 1 pm
Silver Saddle Ranch 2648 Carson River Road

 Join a Park Ranger on a short hike along the Carson River. On the hike, he will teach you about leave no trace principles, hiking safety, how Carson City uses sheep to reduce fire risks, and local cultural history.

Wildlife Walk (Ages 5-13)
Date TBD
Prison Hill 2600 E Clearview Drive 

Meet at the Clearview trailhead to listen to a Park Ranger present about local predators, prey, and invasive plant species. Take a look at what animals leave behind to see how you can track them! Then follow the Park Ranger up Prison Hill to see if you can spot any wildlife evidence and see what plants you can identify!

Nature Navigation (Ages 10-13)
Date TBD
Riverview Park 603 Marsh Road

Join a Park Ranger at Riverview Park to learn how to use a compass and map. Then use the map inside your Adventure Guide to walk to the points using your compass.

Environmental Career Day (Ages 10-13)
Date TBD
Carson River Park 5013 Carson River Road

 Join a few environmental professionals to hear about their careers. Then complete some tasks that they perform at their jobs to see if you would be interested in their jobs in the future!