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Trail Difficult Rating System






Ash to Kings Trail

 Rating Blue

7.0 Location Link
HikingMountain BikeEquestrian

Ambrose Interpretive Trail

 Rating Blue

0.5  Location Link HikingMountain BikeEquestrian
Carson River Aquatic Trail  Class I to III + 13.7 

3 Access points
Location 1Location 2
Location 3

Empire Ranch Trail
( Damaged)

 Rating Green

1.8 Location Link HikingMountain BikeEquestrian
Fulstone Wetlands (Stagecoach Monk trail)


+/- 0.5  Location Link HikingBike 
Linear Ditch Trail

 Rating White

 2.4 Location Link HikingBike Equestrian
Lone Mountain Park

 Rating Blue

 0.5 Location Link HikingMountain BikeEquestrian
Mexican Ditch Trail

 Rating Green

1.2  Location Link Hiking BikeEquestrian
Moffat Open Space  Interpretive Trail

 Rating Green

 0.4 Location Link HikingBike
Prison Hill Recreation Area
Non-motorized Area

 Rating White

 toRating Double Daimond

Trail Network  Location Link

HikingMountain BikeEquestrian 

Prison Hill Recreation Area
Motorized Area

  Trail Network  Location Link ATV*

Riverview Park
(multiple-use trail)

 Rating Green

1.6 (Full Loop)  Location Link  Hiking BikeEquestrian
Silver Saddle Ranch (several trails)

 Rating Green

  Location Link HikingMountain BikeEquestrian
V&T Trail Paved 

 Rating White

0.4  Location Link HikingBike
V & T Single track (unpaved)

 Rating Blue

 0.5 Location Link HikingMountain Bike
Foothill Trail

 Rating Blue

 0.6 Location Link  HikingMountain Bike
Waterfall Trail

 Rating Blue

 0.3 Location Link HikingMountain Bike
North Kings Loop

 Rating Blue

 1.8 Location Link
HikingMountain Bike
Upper Waterfall Loop

 Rating Blue

 4.4 Location Link
HikingMountain Bike
Fairview Drive Path

 Rating White


A paved bike path from 
5th street to S. Edmonds Dr

Freeway Path         

* Only in designated area 

Mountain Bike Carson River Canyon
Morgan Mill Road River Access Area
Hidden Meadows Trailhead