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Division background Contact Us Hyperlink The duties and responsibilities of the Sheriff are outlined in the Nevada Revised Statutes, and so to is his authority to form the Administration of the Office. Carson City is unique in its government formation as a consolidated municipality. The Sheriff’s Office not only performs all of the duties and responsibilities of any other Sheriff’s Office in the state of Nevada, but it also performs all of the public safety functions and responsibilities of any defined local police department. To contact the Office of the Sheriff or the Administrative Staff, please call 775-283-7806 The Business Office of the Sheriff is responsible for all of the fiscal financial matters of the department, payroll, grants management, accounts receivable/payable, supplies and services. Funded by the City of Carson, the department’s annual budget approaches $20 million dollars and manages several collaborative federal grants with other agencies and law enforcement jurisdictions. The Business Office is the first communications link for all outside venders, and can be contacted at 775-283-7811.    The Civil Division staff processes concealed weapon permits, work permits, felon registrations, trial jurors summons, writs of garnishments, writs of possession, sheriff’s sales, restraining orders, subpoenas, summons and complaints, orders, notices, evictions and lockouts. The Records Division of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office is the central repository for all records produced by the agency, including case reports, criminal history information and booking information.  To contact the division, please call 775-887-2500. The Carson City Sheriff’s Office Communications 911 Center provides an efficient and expedient communications link between the citizens of Carson City and emergency responders for sheriff, fire and medical incidents. The center has six dispatch workstations and each station views five computer monitors consisting of the telephone system, mapping, radio channels and CAD.  In addition to 911 Emergency contact, for business related matters, please call 775-887-COPS, or 775-887-FIRE. The goal is to provide a safe and secure environment that promotes positive inmate behavior. The facility was built in 1999 and features the latest in high-tech surveillance and security. Click the detention link for information about visiting inmates and additional inmate related information. The Investigations Division of the Sheriff’s Office holds the responsibility of investigating crimes that warrant further investigation beyond the initial report taken by the Patrol Division.  To inquire about a case, or to contact a detective, please call 775-283-7851. Our Patrol Division is the most visible and largest division of our agency. The Patrol Division consists of sworn deputies who are trained in every aspect of law enforcement to include emergency vehicle operation, use of firearms, defensive tactics, criminal law, arrest and patrol procedures, etc. To leave a message for the Watch Commander or for routine business, please contact the Communications Center at 775-887-COPS.