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Records Division

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The Records Division of the Carson City Sheriff’s Office is the central repository for all records produced by the agency, including case reports, criminal history information and booking information. The section is responsible for the safekeeping, maintenance and dissemination of official documents. This section also works closely with the District Attorney, Juvenile Probation and the Justice Courts supplying them with the paperwork needed to prosecute cases.

The general public may obtain copies of an accident report for a $5.00 fee. Criminal reports are only released to the listed victim in the case, also for a $5.00 fee. Photos are available for a flat rate of $5.00 and are copied onto a CD. Copies can be ordered in person, by phone, or by mailing or faxing a Report Request Form. All fees must be paid prior to release of copies.  Fees and Permits

The Records Division also performs local criminal history background checks for individuals at no charge. The person must appear in person and provide a valid government photo ID to obtain their local criminal history.

Calls for service statistics for a specific address can be requested by property owners, managers or landlords free of charge. The appropriate request form is required.

The Records Section can be reached at (775)887-2020, ext. 41700 during normal business hours.