• Snow on the Capitol Building

  • Pink Sunrise

    Photo Credit: Lauren Arends

  • Proud to be Snow Covered

    Photo Credit: Jayson Berry Hunt


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Welcome to Our Web Site!

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Welcome aboard the web home of the Carson City Treasurer.  The Treasurer, an elected four year term official, fulfills the duties outlined in Chapter 249 of the Nevada Revised Statutes and Section 3.045 of the Carson City Charter. 

The Treasurer’s Office receives revenues owed to the City, maintains a record of the receipts, balances and reconciles the receipts with the Controller’s records on a monthly basis and invests all surplus money. The Treasurer produces monthly reports for the Board of Supervisors outlining the status of City financial holdings.

We are located at:
City Hall
201 N. Carson Street, Suite 5
Carson City, NV  89701
Phone - 775-887-2092

Feel free to send us an email.  We value your comments and questions and thank you for visiting our site!