• Snow on the Capitol Building

  • Pink Sunrise

    Photo Credit: Lauren Arends

  • Proud to be Snow Covered

    Photo Credit: Jayson Berry Hunt

Staff Directory

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Collier, ScottWater Production Operator 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Cook, CraigFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210
Cook, RobbieDriver OperatorFire(775) 887-2210
Cooley, RickConstruction ManagerPublic Works(775) 283-7302
Cooper, CristalCourt ClerkDistrict Court(775) 283-7121
Cooper, MattFirefighter/ParamedicFire(775) 887-2210
Copp, JoshSenior Sewer Technician Public Works(775) 887-2355
Corbit, JunePublic Health NurseHealth(775) 283-7903
Cortes, MaxineCourt AdministratorDistrict Court, Justice Court(775) 283-7249
Costello, JohnPark RangerParks(775) 283-7331
Cox, GeorgeSewer Technician 2Public Works(775) 887-2355
Cram, BruceLandfill Gate AttendantPublic Works(775) 882-6066
Cravey, BillIT Systems TechnicianInformation Technology(775) 283-7013
Crawford, SuzanneVictim-Witness CoordinatorDistrict Attorney(775) 887-2268
Crowell, RobertMayorBoard of Supervisors(775) 283-7550