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Street Tree Program



The Carson City Shade Tree Council, with funding from the Question #18 Quality of Life Initiative, presents the following program to the citizens of Carson city:

Property owners may apply to participate in the Street Tree Program by completing the an Application Form and Sketch Plan. Following approval of the Application and prior to planting, the property owner will submit an Order Form and payment for the tree(s). A price list is included as part of the Order Form. The City reserves the right to reject any application which is determined to be non-compliant with the mission and goals of the Street Tree Program, as outlined in Carson City Resolution No. 2000-R-47.

Trees must be planted in a designated City right-of-way (City will determine right-of-way adjacent to your property) and Carson City's Contract Arborist will assess the suitability of the proposed planting site(s). Once the planting site(s) have been approved, the Contract Arborist will assist in selecting the most appropriate tree(s) for the site(s).

The Street Tree Program will plant trees twice a year, in May/June and October/November. trees to be planted in May/June must be applied for no later than MARCH 31st. Trees to be planted in October/November must be applied for no later than SEPTEMBER 1st. A description of approved street trees follows.

A landscape contractor provided by the City will deliver, plant, mulch, and brace the tree(s). The City will be responsible for all utility locations prior to planting by the contractor. It will be the property owner's responsibility to care for the tree(s) after planting, and the Contract Arborist will be available to discuss the type of care necessary to keep the tree(s) healthy. The Contract Arborist will also perform periodic health checks on the tree(s) for up to two years, and advise the property owner if additional care is needed.


Due to limited available funding, the Street Tree Program is offered on a first come, first served basis. For this reason, the City reserves the right to limit the number of trees purchased by any individual property owner.



Hawthorn (Crataegus laevigata)
A member of the Rose family, hawthorn's branches sport beautiful red flowers with white centers or double red blooms in spring. The flowers develop into small fruit that ripens bright red in the fall. These fruits, along with a dense branch structure, make this tree very attractive to birds. Hawthorn trees are recommended for planting underneath utility lines and can be see on the King Street right-of-way from Minnesota Street to Richmond Street.

Crabapple (Malus species)
There are many varieties of crabapple. We have chosen two that have reddish-pink or white flowers and produce little to no fruit. The branching is upright but the trees can grow was wide as they are tall. With a sunny spot and the right soil they will provide a spectacular show each spring. Crabapples are recommended for planting underneath utility lines and can be seen along the Roop Street right-of-way adjacent to the Lone Mountain Cemetery.


Columnar Maple (Acer species)
This tree has a narrow, columnar growth pattern with dense foliage. Excellent for street planting, accent and formal effect. Generally free of pests, disease and wind damage. Columnar Maples can been seen in the Robinson Street right-of-way from Mountain Street to Elizabeth Street.

Ornamental Pear (Pyrus callervana)
A beautiful, symmetrical tree. One of the first trees to bloom in late winter or early spring, the branches are covered with clusters of small, white blossoms just as new leaves emerge. In summer, the tree is covered with a dense foliage making it ideal for shade. Fall color ranges from gold through orange and red to deep mahogany. Insignificant fruits. Highly acclaimed tolerance to city conditions and heavy clay soils. Ornamental Pear trees can be seen in the Carson Street right-of-way from Fifth Street to Second Street.


Maple (Acer species)
This tree has a tall, ovate growth pattern with dense foliage that changes to brilliant orange, scarlet and bronze in the fall. Reaching heights of up to 75 feet, this tree provides ornament and shade. Maple trees can be seen at the corner of Musser and Plaza Streets in the right-of-way planter at City Hall.

Oak (Quercus species)
On April 27, 2001 the oak was voted America's national tree. This large tree has a graceful, open, rounded crown and can reach heights of over 70 feet. Because of its beautiful yellow or red fall color, this tree will make a stately ornament for a very large site. Oak trees can be seen in the south entrance right-of-way of the Metcalf Building, 755 Roop Street.

Honey Locust (Gleditsia triacanthos inermis)
A spreading form, this tree stands up well in the urban environment. Late to leaf out in the spring, tolerant of alkaline soils, hardy to cold, heat and wind. Small leaflets, which turn yellow in the fall, minimize raking. Honey Locusts can be seen in the east entrance right-of-way of the Carson Plaza, 777 Roop Street.

Caring for Your Tree

The recommended trees have been selected based on their compatibility with the city environment. The following suggestions are provided to protect your investment and preserve the health and beauty of your tree.

  • Your tree should be watered regularly following planting. This will help your tree maintain its shape and vigor.
  • Monitor your tree to ensure that neighborhood animals are not using it as their "rest stop." animal dropping can slowly kill a tree by changing soil conditions.
  • See to it that vandals do not hang on or break off branches as this can undermine limb strength, making the tree vulnerable to invasion by insects and disease, which could result in fatality.
  • Bracing stakes and wires are used to stabilize your tree until its roots develop. These should be removed the following growing season.
  • Remember, a properly maintained and well-cared for tree will last a lifetime.

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