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To better assist you, the Carson City Public Works Department has posted our most frequently asked questions and the answers to those questions. Questions are sorted by each division:

Capital Projects / Environmental Control AuthoritySanitary Services & Waste Water ReclamationStorm / Sewer / Street Maintenance Public Transit Utility Billing (Water & Sewer) / Water / Other

FAQ Capital Projects

Q:    What is a Capital Project? 
Capital Projects are defined as physical assets, constructed or purchased, that have a useful life of 10 years or longer and a cost of $25,000 or more.

Q:     How does a Capital Project get approved? 
The typical process involves Board, citizens or staff proposing needed projects. Each project is reviewed by the CIP Review Committee, which is composed of senior staff and the City Manager. Final approval is given by the Board of Supervisors. Throughout the process, several factors are considered, including City goals, policies, and funding sources and availability.

Q:     Who can I talk to about a specific project?
Contact the Public Works Office at (775) 887-2355, 3505 Butti Way, Carson City, Nevada 89701 and you will be directed to the proper Project Manager.

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FAQ Environmental Control Authority (ECA)

Q:     Who can I talk to about my well water? 
Carson City is responsible for City-owned water only. For questions about well water, please contact the State of Nevada at (775) 687-9520.  More information about private wells...

Q:     Who can I speak to about trash and recycling service?
For questions about trash or recycling, please contact Waste Management at (775) 882-3380. For information about recycling at Carson City’s landfill, please click here.

Q:     How do I dispose of unwanted furniture, appliances or bulk trash items?
You can dispose of these items at Carson City’s landfill. For more information, contact the Landfill at (775) 882-6066.

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FAQ Sanitary Services/Wastewater Reclamation

FAQ Storm / Sewer

Q:     What is the difference between a sanitary sewer and a storm sewer? 
Carson City has a separate sewer and storm system, which means water and waste products from your toilet, shower, dishwasher, and sink go into the sanitary sewer system for treatment at the wastewater treatment plant. Water running off your roof and the city streets goes into the storm drainage system and then into the Carson River. That is why it is critical not to dump anything into the street drains.

Q:     What is a catch basin?
A catch basin is the grated inlet to the storm system located near the curbs on city streets.

Q:     Where does the water go after it leaves the catch basins in the streets?
Water that drains off the streets goes into catch basins, flows through underground pipes and empties into the drainage ditch systems, which drain into the Carson River.

Q:     How is the sewer system and the storm drain system maintained?
The systems are maintained with a variety of equipment, such as mechanical rodding trucks, hydroflushing equipment and televising equipment for video inspection.  Additionally, heavy equipment, such as excavators, back hoes and dump trucks are used to maintain open ditch systems.

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FAQ Street Maintenance

Q:     How often is my street swept?
City streets are swept an average of once per month and more often in the fall.

Q:     How often are Carson City’s streets maintained? 
Once a year every street in Carson City is evaluated in six categories. These values are then put into a pavement management system which produces an Overall Condition Index (O.C.I.). The O.C.I. for the current year is compared to last year's O.C.I. This information is tracked to determine the degradation of a street and to determine when overlay/reconstruction is required.

Q:     Who do I contact if the street light in front of my house doesn't work?
To report a street light outage contact NV Energy.  Have the location of the street light when you call.

Q:     Who do I contact to report a pothole? 
To report a pothole, email us the exact location, or call (775) 887-2355.

Q:     Who do I contact to report that a street sign is down or in need of repair? 
To report a sign in need of repair, email us the exact location and type of sign, or call (775) 887-2355. 

Q:     Who do I contact to pick up a dead animal on the road? 
To report a dead animal on the road, call Carson City Animal Services at (775) 887-2171.

Q:     Who do I contact if a traffic signal is not operating properly? 
To report a traffic signal that is not operating properly, call us at (775) 887-2355 to report the exact location and details of the malfunction.

Q:     How does the City decide when to plow snow? 
During snow events, City staff monitors the weather, periodically patrols to check road conditions, and gathers information from Sheriff's patrol units all over the city. Field operators determine where plowing and sanding is needed. Priorities are based on the snow route map approved by the Carson City Regional Transportation Commission. To report a public street in need of snow or ice control, call (775) 887-2355.

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FAQ Public Transit

Q:     Does Carson City have a public transportation system? 
Jump Around Carson, JAC, is Carson City’s public transportation system. For more information about JAC, including schedules and costs, click here.

Q:     Is there public transportation available between Carson City and Reno? 
Riders can transfer between Carson City’s JAC system and Washoe County’s RTC Intercity bus system. For more information about these public transportation systems, click here.

Q:     Does JAC offer service for the disabled? 
Eligible riders can apply for JAC Assist, a curb-to-curb service for eligible disabled riders. For more information, visit the JAC website.

Q:     Where can I get a JAC schedule? 
Click here for a JAC schedule, or stop by any of the JAC ticket outlets:
• The Treasurer’s Office inside City Hall, 201 N. Carson Street
• The City’s Transit Operations Office, 3303 Butti Way
• Inside the Western Nevada College (WNC) bookstore, 2201 West College Parkway
• Inside the Carson City Senior Center, 901 Beverly Drive
• Hispanic Services, 837 S. Stewart St. B
• The Carson City Library, 900 N. Roop
• Carson City Health & Human Services, 900 E. Long Street

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FAQ Utility Billing (Water & Sewer)

Q:     Who do I contact at Carson City about my utilities? 
For information about Water and Sewer, contact the Carson City Utilities Department. For information about other utility services, please click on the providers’ links below:

Carson City Public Works:  (775) 887-2355
Local Telephone:
SBC Nevada
Long Distance Telephone: AT&T, MCI, SprintNextiva 
Cable Television:
Charter Communications
Electric: NV Energy
Southwest Gas Corporation
Garbage Collection: Capital Sanitation, 775-882-3380

This listing of businesses or organizations does not constitute an endorsement of any kind from Carson City. All listings are subject to change without notice. Contact the organization or business directly to verify the information.

Q:     Where do I pay my water bill? 
You can pay your water bill by mail, in person at the Carson City Treasurer's Office, 201 N. Carson Street, Suite 5, or online by clicking here.

Q:     How do I sign up for automatic payment? 
Contact the Carson City Treasurer's office.

Q:     How do I change the water service into my name?
To change a name on your water utility account, contact Public Works at (775) 887-2355. Please keep in mind, if the property is a rental, water and sewer accounts must be in the property owner’s name, not the renter’s name.  Bills must be mailed to the property owner; however payment can be made by anyone.

Q:     Is there fluoride in my water? 
Carson City does not add fluoride to the water.

Q:     Who do I call if I notice a water leak?
To report a water leak on a city street or on your own property call (775) 887-2355.  After hours, call (775) 887-2343. 

Q:     Who should I contact if my sewer line is backing up into my house?
Call Carson City Public Works at (775) 887-2355. We will respond to determine the location of the blockage at no charge to the customer. If we find that the blockage is not in the City's mainline, the customer is responsible for removing the blockage at his or her own expense.

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FAQ Water

Q:     Where does Carson City's water come from and how does drought affect our system? 
Carson City utilizes water from four groundwater basins within the Carson City area and surface waters from Ash Canyon and Kings Canyon Creek, Carson River and the Marlette/Hobart system. Carson City also has an active recharge program located in the Vicee Canyon area. When excess surface water is available the City utilizes infiltration basins to bank this water in the groundwater table for times of drought. 

Q:     How much water does Carson City have, how much is it currently using, and what 
        population can it support?
Carson City currently owns 16,928.07 Ac-Ft of water, of which 16,155.07 are "usable" water rights. With the city’s current population of 58,000, the city uses approximately 12,844 Ac-Ft per year. At a population of 70,000, the city will use approximately 16,000 Ac-Ft. Public Works has recommended a water utility plan for a population of 75,000, which requires the Water Division to acquire an additional 1,000 Ac-Ft. The Water Division also has 3,200 Ac-Ft of water rights, which cannot be assigned to new development, but can only be used for emergency purposes and system safety factors, such as in times of severe drought.

Q:     How does the Water Division plan its expansion and water rights 
         acquisition program?
Each year the Deputy Public Works Director prepares a Water Assessment Report for the Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, outlining the City's water rights and production needs for a 5-year time frame. This report budgets for the City's current water usage, assigns water to all available buildable parcels and lots, and estimates future commercial/industrial developments' water usage.

Q:     If all growth stopped in Carson City, could I water my lawn every day? 
No, because Carson City implemented a three days a week water schedule to manage the city’s water and help residents enjoy paying a lower water rate than other areas in the Western States. Presently, Carson City's winter water usage is 6.5 million gallons per day—increasing to 24 million gallons per day in the summer, largely due to outside irrigation during peak periods. By increasing the peak demand, more capital investment would be required, thus increasing residents’ water rates.

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FAQ Other

Q:     Who do I contact at Carson City to report graffiti issues?
If you have witnessed a graffiti crime, or would like to report graffiti on personal property, please contact the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at (775) 887-2500.

If you want to report graffiti on City property, please call (775) 887-2355.

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