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The Carson City Cultural Commission will act as the primary advisory body for the Carson City Board of Supervisors for matters relating to arts and culture and will serve as the coordinator and catalyst bringing government, the arts and cultural community, and the public together for the cultural benefit of all Carson City's citizens.

The Commission's role is also to widen an extensive appreciation of the community's heritage as it interrelates with culture, history, the arts, and humanities.  Culture enhances the health, safety, welfare, the physical beauty, the built environment, and economic health and prosperity of a community.

Also, the Commission will make available a current, formal, written plan for financial and programmatic sustainability in terms of economic goals and impact measures.


To facilitate and implement strategies and projects to support artists and arts organizations, and to leverage Carson City’s creative talent and cultural assets to spur sustainable economic growth and build regional prosperity; to harness community development, cultural based initiatives and promote increased market participation between the business community and cultural organizations, heritage sites, museums, libraries, theaters and art galleries. Hands

Commission Membership

Karen Abowd (Carson City Board of Supervisors) 
    Current Term Expires 12/2015
     Initial Appointment 1/2011
    Reappointed 1/2013
Peter Barton (Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs)
    Current Term Expires 1/2016
    Initial Appointment 7/2008
    Reappointed 1/2010, 1/2013 
Elinor Bugli (Chair)
    Current Term Expires 1/2017
    Initial Appointment 8/2013
Danielle Cook
    Current Term Expires 1/2018
    Initial Appointment 2/2013

    Reappointed 3/15
Stan Jones (Convention & Visitors Bureau Board)
    Current Term Expires 1/2019
    Initial Appointment 1/2016
Terri McBride (Vice Chair)  
    Current Term Expires 1/2017
    Initial Appointment 4/2014
Barbara D'Anneo (Citizen-at-Large)
    Current Term Expires 1/2018
    Initial Appointment 1/2015 

Typical Duties

The Commission's efforts shall aim to promote civic and economic benefit for Carson City and the State of Nevada through coordination of arts and culture at all levels of government, the local and statewide cultural community, and the general public.

Promoting and assisting the community's awareness and opportunities to participate in and experience the highest quality of arts and cultural programming possible. Assist in bridging the gap between public and private organizations to work together for the advancement of the arts.

Advisory recommendations to the Board of Supervisors on matters pertaining to Carson City's arts and cultural programming, including recommending grants-in-aid to individual and/or groups of artists, cultural groups and arts organizations, designating cultural districts, neighborhood and landmarks. Promote arts education and a cultural environment that stimulates economic development, cultural tourism and enhanced public participation.


  1. The functions of the Carson City Cultural Commission include, but are not limited to:
    Advising the Board of Supervisors on matters pertaining to the City's arts and cultural programming.
  2. Fostering public and private partnerships for providing arts and cultural programs for the citizens of Carson City, without directly engaging in program management deemed in competition with existing constituent organization programming.
  3. Promoting access and awareness for the public to the highest quality arts opportunities possible.
  4. Promoting an environment that supports the work and advancement of artists and arts groups and celebrate the City for its ethnic diversity, creativity and its leadership in arts and culture.
  5. Making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors regarding grants-in-aid to individual and group of artists, cultural groups and arts organizations.
  6. Encouraging the provision of cultural and artistic facilities and features in public and commercial construction.
  7. Facilitating and promoting the establishment of an Art in Public places policy that supports the installation of publicly significant art installations, and encourage the inclusion of public art components in private development.
  8. Helping to identify and designate cultural districts, neighborhoods and landmarks throughout the city.
  9. Promoting a cultural environment that stimulates economic development, cultural tourism and enhanced public participation.
  10. Promoting greater arts education in the schools and through programs accessible to the public.
  11. Promoting new policies to build green, reduce power sector demands and support incentive to green up our existing built environment.
  12. Providing for incentives for cultural and artistic facilities and features in public and commercial construction.

Membership Requirements

Members of the Commission must meet the following qualification criteria:

  1. Be residents of Carson City;
  2. Have a broad and informed perspective of the arts along with a demonstrated knowledge and responsiveness to the existing arts community and community at large;
  3. Represent a cross section of the City's age, multi-cultural, socio-economic, professional, artistic and volunteer diversity;
  4. Have an appreciation for Carson City's rich cultural tradition.

Membership Terms of Office

  1. The Carson City Cultural Commission shall consist of seven Commissioners appointed by the Board of Supervisors.
  2. Commissioners shall be appointed for a term of three years, commencing and ending on
    January 1.
  3. Terms are sufficiently staggered and Commissioners may serve for unlimited consecutive terms.
  4. A Commissioner shall continue in office for the term for which that Commissioner was appointed or until a successor is appointed.                                        

Cultural Commission Meetings

The Cultural Commission meets quarterly, on the third Tuesdays of March, June, September and December. Meetings are held in the Carson City Community Center, Sierra Room, 851 E. William Street.

Click here for agendas          Click here for past meeting minutes

Contact Information

Administrative services for the Cultural Commission are performed by the Carson City Parks and Recreation Department
Staff Liaison:  Vern L. Kahn, Senior Park Planner
(775) 887-2262 x7343
3303 Butti Way, Building #9
Carson City, NV 89701 

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