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Program Overview

This event is held twice per year, generally in May and September. It is designed primarily for kids, however adults can participate and learn from the experience. The rodeo is a bicycle riding course that is designed with general hazards that are faced by most bicycle riders. It stresses safety and is designed to teach children what to look for when riding their bicycles.  

All too often, American youth learn through their own trial and error how to operate their bicycles on public roads. Some are fortunate enough to have initial parental supervision, but most quickly become cycling independent with little or no formal preparation. Usually the first introduction to proper vehicle operating techniques comes in driver’s training courses. The majority of youngsters are allowed to transport themselves about without understanding the basic rules and concerns that motor vehicle operators are taught. The street is often considered an extension of the local playground with renegade riding habits being the norm. This unfortunately results in negative impressions and prejudices from the non-cycling public concerning bicyclist’s general level of responsibility.

For those of us who recognize this pattern and wish to make a change, there is a great method to offer proper instruction and reduce operator errors among the 14 years old and younger bike riders in our community. Our bike rodeos combine basic operation lessons with a fun, festive event.

So, to recap, what is our bike rodeo all about?...

It’s a great method to introduce bike riders ages 6 to 14 to important skills necessary to safely ride on neighborhood streets with other bicyclists and motor vehicles. Our rodeos involve from 6 to 10 skill stations testing rider’s handling skills or a more elaborate version also including exhibits and guidance on in-traffic riding skills. Most important we keep the event fun and educational at the same time. The challenge is to have young participants understand and retain the information.

Our rodeos are held on Saturdays when the target audience (children, ages 6 to 14) are able to attend. Saturdays work best and are an easier time to use the parking lot and area next to Station 1 to hold the rodeo.

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