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 Carson City Library Youth Dept




Carson City Library
900 North Roop Street
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 887-2244

@Two Digital Learning Center
Carson City Library
2nd Floor
(775) 887-2244 ex. 1025 

Business Resource
Innovation Center
108 East Proctor Street
Carson City, NV 89701
(775) 283-7123
Boys and Girls Club
of Western Nevada
(775) 283-7674 


About the Carson City Library System and Community Education Partnerships

 The Carson City Library was founded in 1969 and since 1971 has been located at 900 North Roop Street in Carson City. It is a public library with two specialized branches: the Business Resource Innovation Center, know as the BRIC, located at 108 East Proctor Street; and the Carson City Library BranchAnywhere at the Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada, located at 1870 Russell Way in Carson City.

As a business branch of the Carson City Library, the BRIC is focused on support of existing and new business as well as regional economic development through collections, programming, technology, meeting spaces, business counseling and strategic partnerships.

The BranchAnywhere is a secure, automated library machine that circulates a 525 item collection and stores 240 items, handles loans, accepts returns and performs basic adminstration. The purpose of the BranchAnyhwere is to provide currently underserved patrons at the Boys and Girls Club of Western Nevada with access to popular books, audiovisual materials, digital tools and special programs.

The research is clear; learning begins before schooling, and the public library provides the community's only FREE pre-kindergarten learning opportunities. We also know that good schools require a great community library. Digital tools and technology are provided through the library's @Two Digital Learning Center.

  • Provide library patrons with Instruction in and production of digital media and other new media activities.
  • Distinct, but complemenatry roles of the library media specialist as information specialist, teacher, and instrctuional consultant in service of curriculum programs.
  • Provide students with instruction, integrated into the currculum, in the skills needed to identify and use technology effectively.
  • Collaborate with classroom teachers to design learning activities.
  • Instruct children and young adults in the use of computers and other digital media technologies.
  • Encourage and assist teachers in developing new media-based learning experiences.
  • Initiate and coordinate with teachers' school-wide projects that help students sharpen digital media skills.
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