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Downtown Retail/Restaurant Survey

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A big thank you to everyone that responded to our survey about downtown retail stores and restaurants.  With over 450 responses, we have a significant amount of data to report. See the results below including some selected comments. 

If you are wondering "What's Next?", our next steps will include developing recruitment materials, creating a webpage/website and coordinating our efforts with local commercial real estate professionals and stakeholder organizations.

Our first chart shows the results of the first question: independently owned stores versus national chains.  By a 2 to 1 margin, you have clearly chosen independently owned stores.  The comments also backed this up with many suggestions for family-oriented businesses, more events, a desire to see existing vacancies filled, more public art and a main focus on maintaining a historic feel and local charm.  Overall, the community is looking forward to more change in our downtown.

Independent vs national chain chart from survey

Our second chart shows the results of the retail store question.  The responses to this question offered a desire to have more of the same (we have 2 book stores, many gift stores and a gaming store) and some new types of stores (specialty food and women's apparel). From the comments, folks are looking for a variety of shops that would appeal to locals as well as visitors.  Venues related to the arts and active living were mentioned often.

Retail store chart from survey

The third chart shows the results of the restaurant question. With the top three answers, most responders are voting with their pocketbooks, yet many comments focused on healthy, affordable and family-friendly dining.  Some suggestions for new restaurants focused on bringing concepts from other parts of Northern Nevada.  Frequent mentions in the comments were: ice cream shop, bagel shop, brewery as well as some regional/national chain options.

Restaurant chart from survey

—And lastly, here are some selected comments.  While the numbers are important, it was extremely valuable to hear what you had to say.
  • It is very important that we are all on the same page.
  • —I think you need to provide the option of choosing BOTH Mom/Pop indy retail plus a limited array of national retailers.
  • —Don't duplicate business types that already exist in downtown
  • —no attorneys/ govt offices on Carson Street
  • —Focus should be on business that create more than 1 job (like a solo shopkeeper)
  • —Can we please get a brewery in the old brewery location?
  • —increase parking for short distance walk
  • —Fun restaurants. Tapas, look at Midtown
  • —nice movie theater or some sort of entertainment would be nice for day time and night life
  • —Clean, professional tattoo business with several regulations to keep them that way.
  • —Keep new businesses at mid-range prices for our citizens here in Carson. Otherwise, they won't go downtown.
A huge thank you to all that took the time to participate in our survey.  We are hoping to continue to ask about your thoughts on other downtown subjects.  Our next survey will be asking about what types of residential options you would like to see downtown.  Be looking for this survey in the coming weeks.  And as always, if you have any questions, thoughts or concerns, please email Michael Salogga, the city's Business Development Manager, at msalogga@carson.org.

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