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Charters of Freedom Dedication Ceremony

CARSON CITY, NEVADA – A dedication ceremony for the Charters of Freedom Monument will be held at noon on Thursday, June 14th at the Carson City Courthouse plaza, Carson City officials announced. The Charters of Freedom are actual-size replicas of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Carson City Public Works and Foundation Forward Inc. coordinated the installation of the monuments which were constructed in April and can now be seen displayed in front of the Carson City Court House in the plaza area. Foundation Forward Inc. is a non-profit corporation that promotes education about America’s founding documents. Vance and Mary Jo Patterson, the principals of Foundation Forward, will speak and offer the Charters of Freedom as a gift to Carson City during the ceremony. Mayor Robert Crowell, Judge James T. Russell, and District Attorney Jason Woodbury will also speak.

Judge Russell called the monument “a wonderful addition to the Carson City Courthouse.” Woodbury agreed, adding, “It’s a humbling privilege to work in a place where these documents are treated with the reverence they deserve.”

Thursday’s ceremony is expected to last a half hour, and light refreshments will be available. Organizers said a Carson City time capsule will also be sealed in the monument during the ceremony. The capsule will be opened September 17, 2087, the 300th anniversary of the Constitution’s completion.

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Carson City Announces Charters of Freedom Dedication Ceremony

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