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Sale of Carson City Property

Post Date:10/08/2019 4:04 PM

Carson City invites interested individuals to bid on the purchase of the Brown Street Properties comprising of parcel numbers 008-303-15, -16, -21, 36, -37, and -39, through public auction for not less than fair market value.

In 2005 the Western Nevada HOME Consortium (WNHC) funded the purchase of properties on Brown Street using federal HOME funds in order to construct 45 units of affordable, for-ownership low-income housing. This project failed to materialize due to the economic downturn and the eventual bankruptcy of the developer. As a result, Lyon County donated the property to Carson City. At the time of the donation the City envisioned purposing the property for either public use, auction the property for private development, or donate the property to an organization for affordable housing. For the past several years, City staff and Nevada Rural Housing Authority deliberated over the possibility of using the site for affordable housing. However, due to the limited acreage, no project has come to fruition. The City does not need to retain these parcels for public use; therefore, it is in the best interest of the City to auction off the surplus property.

Bids may be submitted in accordance with the following considerations and requirements:

(1)    Carson City’s interest in APN’s 008-303-15, -16, -21, 36, -37 and -39, is no longer required for public use and the auction of these properties is desirable and in the best interest of Carson City;

(2)    the fair market value of the property is $300,000;

(3)    the sale of the property will be for purposes other than to establish, align, realign, change, vacate or otherwise adjust any street, alley, avenue or other thoroughfare, or portion thereof, or flood control facility within Carson City;

(4)    the Carson City Board of Supervisors shall sell this property at auction under Nevada Revised Statute 244.282;

(5)    the minimum price of the auction shall be $300,000;

(8)    the conditions of this sale include:

         (a)    The offer may be all cash, or for 25 percent cash down with financing as the bidder may obtain.

         (b)    a $15,000 security deposit from the highest and second highest bidder be required.  The security deposit must be paid within two days of notification of selection as the highest and second highest bidder and must be made payable to the Carson City Treasurer.  The security deposit will be credited against the purchase price.

         (c)    Payment in full must be received from the highest bidder within 30 days of the date of the resolution approving the highest bidder. 

         (d)    The City will hold the security deposit of the second highest bidder until payment is received from the highest bidder and the City provides a quitclaim deed to the buyer for recording.  The City will then refund the security deposit of the second highest bidder.

         (e)    If the highest bidder fails to submit full payment within 30 days, the security deposit will be forfeited to the City as liquidated damages, not as a penalty, and the property will be offered to second highest bidder.

Sealed bids may be submitted to Carson City-City Manager, 201 N. Carson Street, Suite 2, Carson City, Nevada 89701, no later than 8:30 a.m. on October 17, 2019, at which time a public meeting of the Board of Supervisors shall be held during which sealed bids will be received and considered and an award recommendation will be made by the Carson City Board of Supervisors, based on the proposal of the highest bidder. 


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