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What is Plogging? 

Plogging is a Swedish craze that has gone internationally. Groups or individuals go out for a run, walk or bike ride and pick up small amounts of trash as you run! 

 It's a great way to exercise and improve your community. 

 How it works: 

1. Go out for a walk, jog or bike ride either by yourself, as a duo or group. 

2. Pick up trash as you go 

3. Log your hours on this page 

Please correct the field(s) marked in red below:

Plogging! The hottest exercise craze to hit the US in 2018! 

We love that you're out there, running, walking, mountain biking and picking up trash! You're picking up trash and making your Carson City community a better place! Get your running,hiking and mountain biking club together to make a difference in your community.

Small actions lead to a better community. 

Please enter how long you were out and what kinds of garbage you were collecting. 

Name: Last First 
How long were you out plogging? 
What types of trash were you picking up? We don't expect you to list all of your items you picked up, but please provide us a sense of what you are picking up. 
Please tell us if you were out by yourself, duo or with a group. If out with a group, which group? 

Thank you! Keep on plogging!  


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