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CCSOIn an effort to ensure Carson City Sheriff’s Office officers are able to meet the physical demands associated with law enforcement, the department is sponsoring the construction of a new fitness facility. The facility will be located within the department for continuous availability and will provide equipment meant for specific job performance demands. Officers must be able to respond to every type of incident and often experience a wide range of emotional and physical stressors. The goal is to promote overall wellness for Carson City’s law enforcement personnel. Previously officers have been individually contributing and seeking funds to support this facility. Officers are now reaching out and requesting community support, a GoFundMe account has been established to help officers reach their fundraising goal of $30,000.

There are many ways to support your local law enforcement, whether through personal advocacy, volunteerism or generous donation, your support encourages a safe and resilient community. Should you choose to donate, your donation will ensure current and future law enforcement officers have the equipment they need to improve their response capabilities.
If you have any questions call the Carson City Sheriff’s Office at (775) 887-2500 and ask for Sheriff Ken Furlong, or board members of CCDSA, Detectives James Boggan and Brett Bindley.

View more at the GoFundMe page.

Thank you for your interest and support. Detectives James Boggan and Brett Bindley have volunteered much time and research into this project to ensure all the information is provided. Please follow this link to a presentation which displays the current first floor gym and its equipment. While the current equipment is a great resource for improving physical health it is very limited and restricts the amount of users at any given time. It is the goal of the Sheriff’s Office to promote optimum physical health, alertness, reaction training and emotional health among first responders. This project will ensure current and future personnel have the equipment which focuses on work-related priority endurance. Thanks to the research our Detectives provided it is clear that the current equipment does not suffice all first responder demands; the second floor gym is intended to do just that. In addition this project is intended to add equipment to the first floor gym therefore heightening availability and access. Thank you so much for your interest and if you have any questions give the Sheriff’s Office a call at (775) 887-2500 and ask for Sheriff Ken Furlong, or board members of CCDSA, Detectives James Boggan and Brett Bindley. Your advocacy and support is always appreciated and fundamentally important to our public safety personnel. Please review the presentation.