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The VALE program offers crisis intervention and emotional support through actively listening, identifying needs, supporting choices and providing validation of feelings. More importantly, VALE provides accurate information to empower victims to make self-determined choices, including providing informed consent. The VALE coordinator also provides bilingual services.

VALE offers in-person support during an interview or statement. In some instances, the victim may request the VALE coordinator to be present while filing a police report for questions or concerns. The program coordinator informs victims about resources and options to help them determine a safety plan to protect them and their family members. VALE coordinates with Court Advocates in the application of protection/stalking orders and attends court hearings. The VALE program is another way to reach victims who never contacted a crisis hotline or other means aside from Law Enforcement.

The VALE program was created in the hope of eliminating barriers that may exist in the current system. Often a victim might feel pressured to file a report; the program coordinator aids the victim to make self-determined choices. VALE works to build trust and communication between victims and law enforcement to provide compassion to the process that does not always exist.
VALE links victims to resources such as drug and alcohol counseling, shelter, mental health, healthcare, emergency assistance for housing, utilities, clothing, food and much more.

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Referrals Provided

Law Enforcement
Victims of Crime Program
TPO/Stalking Court Accompaniment/Advocacy
Support Groups
Child Protective Services
Job Training
Substance Abuse Programs
Homeless Shelters
Food Pantry/Food Bank
Clothing/Classy Seconds
DV Programs
DV Shelter